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The Modern Father is a Zen Daddy

Babies come into the world with a general readiness to engage socially with those around them, and they learn quickly about the personal characteristics of the members of their family.  As the weeks and months go by, and the baby has repeated experience of being cared for and a particular distinctive pattern of relating develop between the baby and the individuals who care for him/her.  These developing attachments involve strong emotions to do with dependence and security.

The modern father is a father who takes responsibility for general care of his child and actively engages in developing attachments with his child. Fewer fathers nowadays are prepared to be strangers to their children , missing out on all the good times in the family and, most important, missing out on their children growing up.  The modern father is active rather than passive.  He will arrange his day to come home early from work to see his children; he will spend time playing with them, showing them new things,  helping with their hobbies, taking them with him when he enjoys his own.  He will participate from day one with the care of the baby, with nappy changing, with getting up in the middle of the night, doing the two a.m. feed, helping with bath times, reading stories, playing games, and singing songs before bedtime.  The modern father is a full-time parent, not a part-time stranger, and everyone in the family benefits from this.

Zen Baby Yoga is dedicated to the modern father by developing a unique “Daddy and Me” class called Zen Daddy.  The class focuses on core strength training exercises for the daddy while at the same time promotes bonding through yoga and meditation between baby and daddy.  It is also a great way for modern fathers to meet each other and discuss challenges, surprises, and joys of having a new baby in the home.    

What you can expect when attending a Zen Daddy class:

  • Warm up daddy with basic yoga moves
  • Baby Dry Massage
  • Hip and Chest Opening Exercises for Both Baby and Daddy
  • Core Strength Training with Dad Combined with Tactile Stimulation with Baby
  • Unique Energetic Yoga Movements with Both Daddy and Baby that will Strengthen Dad and Creating Spatial Awareness for Baby
  • Meditation
  • Snacks and Networking


You will notice that the bonding and trust between parent and baby will become stronger with every class.  The yoga baby’s ability to crawl and then start to walk will happen at a faster rate than most due to the muscle tone and special sense of gravity that has been developed from the classes.  You will also find that babies that practice yoga and meditation will be more relaxed and spiritually calm than other babies.

Zen Daddy classes from Zen Baby Yoga would be a unique and thoughtful Father’s Day gift for any modern daddy with a new baby.  You can buy gift certificate or book classes by contact Heather, Founder and Instructor of Zen Baby Yoga at 760-683-4918 or simply book online at

Do Something Good For You and Your Baby!